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Top Accessories for Prom Corsages

It’s that time of the year again. Prom season is upon us. It is time to rally all forces and make those fairy tales a reality. A simple moment in time is made by an intricate floral creation. Switch up your corsage designs for a more modern customer with these top accessories for prom corsages...

Collect more than a paycheck. Collect moments. Every paycheck is a means for survival, but every happy customer is a means toward pursuing your passion. Seeing the look of pure joy on a customer’s face is a simple reminder of why we do what we do. There is something so satisfying knowing your work made a difference in someone’s day. It is a reminder that your work makes a difference.


Like any other person’s path to achieving their dreams, sometimes a florist needs the reassurance on why they do what they do. A single moment in time is made a little more beautiful because of your floral design- made with love and passion. That’s something money can’t buy.


The great thing about the floral industry is that every day is a little different. It is the start of a blank canvas with a jovial idea behind it. Our customers’ hearts’ desires are our hearts’ desires. The goal is to make something they are proud of with our talents and abilities. Prom is no exception. Be prepared to take on the challenge with the top accessories for prom corsages.



Unstructured Look with a Structured Form.


With every event and with every holiday, there is a different audience to cater to. Prom is the one time of the year where our Gen Z crowd is our main priority. We often forget the Millennial generation is exceeded years long past prom. Generation Z is the new target audience for prom. The new and upcoming trends are a focus on minimal looks and unstructured feels.


Although our Generation Z, prom clients want those unstructured looks, it is important to ensure it is structured enough to survive all the night has to offer, it should be able to withstand any moving and grooving, all while perfectly accented their prom attire.


It is important to ensure stability with any floral accessories for prom. It doesn’t have to be limited to corsages. Body flowers of all sorts are in- jewelry, necklaces, flower crowns, bracelets, belts, shoe adornments and the list goes on. One helpful accessory to help with a killer corsage for those generation Z prom corsages along with other body flowers is bark-covered wires. This accessory help give the feel of an unstructured design with a structured body.


Less is More in the Generation Z World.


In past generations, prom composed of a whole lot of glitz and even more glam. That remains true in certain situations, but our newest budding generation has a more minimalistic style in mind.The Generation Z prom goers are taking on a minimalistic approach to design both their home and in their style.


While sparkly ribbons and jewels often ruled the world during prom season, it is more important to stay stocked up on long-lasting flowers such as succulents. Succulents are a huge crowd pleaser. Stock up on Raffia, dried products and grasses. The free form and more natural styles are what catch the eye of most of Generation Z. Keep the glitz and glam on the downlow but be sure to have them on hand for the more traditional high school prom queen.


We are in a succulent-crazed world. Offering these unique beauties into body flowers will not only help your shop stand out, staying up-to-date on trend will help with your shop’s overall reputation for those young buyers. Staying up to trend is the only way to make it in this constantly changing business.


In Addition, Body Flowers...


In addition to our beloved corsage, a variety of body flower options are swarming day-to-day requests of a flower shop. Today’s prom goers are widening the horizon with requests of flower jewelry and accessories. Along with our updated corsage accessories, consider revamping your designs into a variety of body flower options.


Your collection of barked-covered wire, berries, pods and dried products can easily be converted into other body flower accessories that will have your Generation Z crowd of prom goers ready to take on the night. Provide your young customers with a meaningful experience. They are our future generation of buyers. Leave them wanting more.


Make their prom special. Then when their weddings and special events role around, they’ll be coming back. Flower crowns can be easily made from refurbished products that are used in your corsages. Stay stocked up on the more versatile option, so creating complimentary flower accessories is a breeze.


Affective Presentation.


Along with the simplistic look of these natural formed arrangements, it is important to be prepared with the proper containers to finish with affective presentation. Clear boxes are ALWAYS necessary to keep stocked in shop. Consider keeping some extended boxes on hand for the girl group taking on prom together. Add in some ribbon and shred to keep the pieces safe and accent them beautifully.


These extended boxes and boquet boxes are great for the prom beauties who want those complimentary body flower accessories for prom. These extended boxes are also great for that dozen wrapped roses/corsage combo. Send it with them all set up to display to their prom date. It is important to present them in a beautiful way for a beautiful day. Use the containers and presentation to compliment the corsage and other accessories. Although a beautiful presentation is important, ensure your presentation keeps the flower jewelry safe.


Floralife products help add life to some of the duller designs. Clear Crowning Glory helps add the needed hydration and shine to foliage in need of a little something extra. It is important to get the best product for the job, so your next customer will be a returning customer. Share some shine with the shining prom queen. Every flower accessory should reflect who they are and should be representation of your shop.


It is important to be prepared for every holiday and event with an adequate amount of supplies, especially when it comes to prom. Prom is one opportunity every shop gets to reach out to the younger generation. Generation Z and the Millennial generation are arguably the hardest audience to reach for most flower shops. Prom is your opportunity to really reach out.


Don’t let your shop fall into the traditional way of doing things. Focus on unstructured looks with structured forms. Remember, less is more in the Generation Z world. Don’t limit you customers to just corsages. Use these top corsage accessories in your other body flower creations. Our wholesalers at Hardin's Wholesale Florist, Inc. in Liberty, NC are here with everything you need! Lastly, how you present your work is going to reflect your flower shop. Do it well, and happy prom designing!