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Top Containers for Mother's Day Arrangements

The right container is an essential element for tying Mother’s Day arrangements together, and visually, it forms the foundation for artistic expression. Interesting containers frame arrangements in a way that celebrates moms as unique, and our favorites keep an eye on trends but aren’t afraid to color outside the lines...

Spring is synonymous with renewal and rebirth, so it is no surprise that we celebrate Mother’s Day in May. The right container is an essential element for tying Mother’s Day arrangements together, and visually, it forms the foundation for artistic expression.


A mother is a personification of fertility, a gardener coaxing life to emerge and love to blossom. Of course, this makes Mother’s Day an excellent opportunity to reciprocate by creating gorgeous Mother’s Day arrangements in lovely containers that she will keep long after the holiday ends.


Before Mother’s Day ever arrives, consider how Mother’s Day arrangements are an extension of a mother’s essence. Each creation could be developed with a specific type of mother in mind. That way, when customers begin streaming into the store inquiring about recommendations for Mother’s Day arrangements, you can ask questions to determine which Mother’s Day arrangement would fit with the mother who will receive it.


The following trends are just ideas. The best way to utilize these ideas is to take a personal approach. There are all different types of mothers to draw inspiration from as you create your arrangements this Mother’s Day. Start with the container and let it determine what type of mother your piece may best represent.


For the Mother Earth


Whether it is a result of the season or the natural association between mothers and the earth, many of the most interesting containers for Mother’s Day arrangements this year have an earthy, straight-from-the-forest feel.


When natural elements with an unfinished look combine with clean botanicals, they create memorable arrangements that look as if they were picked straight from the forest. Wood containers are popular due to trends in floral design that reach for a more unkempt and natural aspect to arrangements. Some containers even have the appearance of tree trunks or branches and these can add whimsy to more common floral arrangements.


For the Fairy Godmother


To take the idea of the forest even further, mothers are often fans of fairytales, and many natural containers could coincide with that feel. Arrangements that look as if they could be crafted by elves can be placed in containers made of stone or other natural materials to stir the creative part of a mother’s mind that stores those familiar, spoken fairytales that are so compelling to us all.


If a mother is artistic, enjoys fairytales and relishes being a part of nature, arrangements in more natural containers will likely suit her tastes.


For the All-Natural Mom


There are many metals to choose from to create a clear separation between the floral arrangement and the container. Galvanized metal, textured copper and rust-colored iron in unusual shapes are all examples of pieces that can give structure and add interest to a Mother’s Day arrangement while still maintaining a natural appearance.


Metal has many forms and can’t be limited to one style, so aside from the textured metals, there are also shiny metals like stainless steel containers to give an opposite modern effect in contrast to the more natural approach.


For the Traditional Mom


Modern mothers will appreciate bold-colored blooms and an edgier tone to a Mother’s Day arrangement.


Traditions exist for a reason, and that notion is certainly true when we speak about glass. Versatile, able to change with the times and never limited in color or style, glass is available in bright garden colors to coincide with the season or in trendy muted mustard and blue-grey hues for moms who stay current on interior design trends. They are great for moms who may want arrangements to reflect their approach to beautifying their surroundings.


Mothers enjoy giving comfort, so it is no surprise that many Mother’s Day containers are painted peaceful colors like sage and soft pink and that ceramics are found in gentle, smooth shapes but with a captivating and unexpected shine.


Mothers who are traditional in their approach will likely be drawn to familiar and comforting containers and recognizable floral arrangements in those softer colors.


The Glitz and Glam Mom


Mothers are all unique, so for the mothers who appreciate a bit of glamour and glitz, there are containers in deep reds and vibrant golds to bring out the depth and life of the flowers. It helps stray away from some of the safe, natural themes previously mentioned. For those fierce and independent mothers who fearlessly embrace life and pass on their strength to everyone they meet, bold reds shake hands with fashionable teals for unforgettable, architectural pieces held together in containers of glass with interesting shapes in unusual colors.


For the Millennial Mom


For mothers who are the first to rush outside to welcome spring with open arms, there are cute pastel painted baskets and watering cans in child-like colors and shapes that are perfect for creating fun arrangements in bright garden hues. There are also woven baskets that could be utilized for spring bouquets to leisurely rest after being gathered for mom. They are must containers for Millennial moms.


Most moms are optimistic. They believe in the future, and for the mothers who embrace their optimism, there are arrangements with colors that pop in vibrant blues and purples. The best containers for these arrangements are glass designed to have inspired, statement-making shapes in the corresponding colors. These contrast between the two ideas symbolic of balance, of male and female and light and dark.


Once the arrangements have been designed, display similar arrangements close to one another to make the most out of each unique theme and give the themes distinction and identity. Keeping the pieces grouped according to style will also help when assisting customers with choosing the right Mother’s Day arrangement.


For all Moms this Mother’s Day


Many times, people are unaware of what flowers a mother favors or even her favorite colors or materials, but the most uncertain among us can typically describe the characteristics of individuals close to us that make them unique.


When Mother’s Day arrangements can convey aspects of the personality of the mother who is receiving it, the arrangement becomes more personal and an expression of admiration and gratitude for who she really is.


A Mother’s Day arrangement makes a statement beyond most gifts. Mother’s Day arrangements utilizing interesting containers celebrate what kind of mother she is and why she is so fabulous by really seeing her as an individual and as a mother. All floral holidays bring a sort of chaos along with it. Mother’s Day is no exception. Take on the holiday with diverse options for diverse moms.


Studies have shown that flowers are linked to happiness. Women always remember receiving flowers, and this Mother’s Day, we can help create memories for mothers that also make them feel appreciated for who they are.


Most mothers are conscious of their health, the health and happiness of their families and making memories that will last. Creating a Mother’s Day arrangement in one of these containers helps expand the diversity of your customers this Mother’s Day. Our wholesalers at Hardin's Wholesale Florist, Inc. in Liberty, NC are here to guide you in your quest to create the perfect Mother’s Day arrangements.


The containers we have chosen to represent Mother’s Day combine substance and style in ways that embrace trends but also recognize the timeless qualities that make each mother so special. Expand your reach and increase your profit.