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Lasting Homecoming Flowers

Lasting Homecoming Flowers Wholesale

Styles for homecoming flowers vary greatly depending on location. In some areas, the old traditions of homecoming are celebrated with as much enthusiasm as prom. In other places, homecoming is less formal, and traditions have been modified, repurposed or changed entirely.

Occurring sometime in September or October, homecoming presents a special opportunity to increase your sales and extend your reach beyond your usual audience. If you can secure a following of young people with your homecoming designs, this can also lead to a very profitable prom season and a loyal customer base as these young people transition to adulthood.

Petals That Persevere

No matter where you are located, if you want your customer’s homecoming to be a blast, the flowers have to last. When creating homecoming florals with fresh floral products, longevity without a water source is essential.

According to Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, “Any floral product used for homecoming needs to be able to hold up for a couple of days with no water source.”

Keep homecoming looks fresh by using one of the many anti-transpirants that are available. Remember that there are differences between anti-transpirants. Some are more of a sealant and seal moisture in while others slow the moisture yet still allow some moisture to escape.

Anti-transpirants should be sprayed after your creation is complete, and no matter what type of anti-transpirant you decide to use, let it dry completely before refrigerating.

For popular and long-lived florals, chrysanthemums, roses, orchids and alstroemeria are all versatile flowers that can withstand the festivities.


The star of homecoming florals is the chrysanthemum. These large, bright flowers are one of the most rugged and vigorous of all cut flowers, and this makes them perfect for homecoming. In the United States, the chrysanthemum is the largest commercially produced flower due to its ease of cultivation, ability to bloom on schedule, variety of colors and longevity.


Roses are a traditional favorite for corsages, bouquets and more with good reason. Roses have a soft, lovely fragrance and a sophisticated, recognizable appearance. The buds open slowly, and if they are cared for properly, roses are very long-lasting flowers.


Elegant and exotic, orchids put a more unique twist on classic homecoming flowers and are another durable option. They maintain their fresh, elegant appearance when cut and can even withstand being out of water for the entire evening.


Available in a variety of colors, Alstroemeria sometimes features bright petals with contrasting colors or even little flecks. It is prized by florists for its beauty, versatility and endurance. Once picked, it can last a good two weeks in water and can withstand the demands of homecoming out of water.

It must be mentioned that Alstroemeria should be handled with gloves as a precaution. It can cause an allergic reaction with skin contact.

Creation by Location

Much in the way clothing and hairstyles differ in different locations, homecoming looks are influenced by location.

The Best for Texas and the Midwest

In Texas and some Midwest states, the phrase, “Go big or go home,” is an understatement when it comes to homecoming designs. In Texas, homecoming corsages are known as Mums, and the size and complexity of these designs can be so great that some schools place restrictions on them to avoid distractions. Some mums even incorporate cowbells, so the distraction is not only visual.

Texas corsages or homecoming mums are fun and personal. Mums began as a single fresh chrysanthemum that evolved to become much elaborate. Prices for these designs vary according to style and location, but personalization can greatly increase profit when it comes to these designs.

When it comes to mums, if a girl is popular, she may accumulate many mums. The boys are given homecoming garters that are smaller versions of the girls’ mums, often with the same trinkets and are designed on an elastic wedding garter to be worn on the young man’s arm.

To design homecoming mums, stock up on an assortment of ribbon, flowers, permanent botanicals, charms and trinkets. If you desire making grand, show-stopping mums, you can also carry plush animals.

To Appreciate a Southern State

Southern homecoming style typically is football-themed and favors carnations. The flowers can be sprayed with floral spray to match school colors.

The Best for the Northeast, Northwest and Southwest

In these areas, more contemporary options are requested. To achieve a contemporary style, it is important to note that this is a clean and sometimes architectural style that usually requires more advanced techniques with a special focus on trends. As a result, it is a good idea to include today’s trends when advertising for homecoming in these regions. To keep up with the trends, design scepters and floral hair accessories. Roses can be used for big displays.

Toast of the West Coast

On the west coast, there is a more easy-going approach that leans to bohemian styles and more natural blooms. For a creation that is a bohemian rhapsody, create a piece that is eclectic and not as structured as the other styles with a bounty of blooms and other floral products.

Don’t Think Twice Floral Advice

When designing for homecoming, focus on schools in your area. Always have those school colors available in flowers, accessories and trinkets. Add-ons like plastic footballs, megaphones, team mascot charms and even mini stuffed animals help personalize your homecoming creations.

No matter what your needs may be, our staff at Hardin's Wholesale Florist, Inc. in Liberty, NC is here to meet your homecoming needs.

There are a few considerations regarding homecoming designs. With larger, more elaborate designs, transporting them can be difficult, and certain schools may have restrictions. Also, in some places, homecoming is no longer as popular as it once was, and some schools have canceled dances due to lack of interest. It is worthwhile to research local schools because schools that have canceled the dances will not be profitable to target for homecoming advertisements, but for some schools, homecoming is a miniature prom with plenty of opportunity for profit.

For those in areas where homecoming is still celebrated, these festivities can give you a glimpse of styles that are popular to forecast trends for prom. To reach potential customers in the younger population, social media is a great way to get your looks seen without spending a fortune on advertising.

A great way to get your looks viewed on social media is to offer a discount to young people if they tag you on social media. Encouraging liking/following on Instagram and Facebook is worth the discount for the potential advertising reach, especially if you get an influential young person to do this for you.

For those wearing homecoming florals, the party will be more of a blast if the florals last. By using either permanent botanicals or florals known for their longevity combined with anti-transpirants, your homecoming design can become part of a memorable evening that has the potential to be viewed and appreciated on social media long after the dance has ended.