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Design Styles for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for giving and a time for traditions to be celebrated. As florists, our jobs are not done after the holidays are over. Styles and trends are constantly changing, and we must change along with styles and trends. Be prepared for all 2019 Christmas orders have to bring with design styles for the holidays.


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Tis’ the season for all things merry and bright. When it comes to design styles for the holidays, traditional colors have always been trending. Colors such as red, green and gold conquer the Christmas design world. Certain traditions are maintained due to the popularity gained over the years. Who knew something as simple as Christmas colors could trend from generation to generation?

While festive colors remain a relevant trend, design styles can be massaged to fit different groups pertinent to age and preferred aesthetic. It is important to offer traditional designs during the holidays, but there are some easy tricks to elevate a design to fit different buyers with a more modern taste.

One way this can be done is through metallic and matte finishes. They are a rising trend in the industry, especially for the holidays. They can be incorporated into any design style for the holidays to give it a more high-class, sophisticated look.





Keeping in mind that tradition is still very much relevant to Christmas design style, the floral choices you make may be the differing factor between your competitor’s design and a more modern look. Your local wholesaler has a large variety of products to fit the color trends in your area. Remember it is best to order early and in large quantities to help with managing your budget. Our staff at Hardin's Wholesale Florist, Inc. in Liberty, NC would be happy to help you with any additional questions you may have.

The trendiest of the trendy has taken on the social media world by storm- the succulent. These ever-so-popular plants are the staple for a green life that is also available in color. This is particularly pertinent to a holiday design style. These contemporary choices can be painted to meet your design needs.

Keep in mind, a fresh product that is painted has a decreased shelf life, so making these products available with permanent botanicals is ideal. The traditional colors remain intact, but the look can be modified depending on the floral chosen. Succulents are just one example.





It all breaks down to the vision that inspired it and the style that directed it. While traditional holiday style is still very trendy, it is important to offer alternatives for the consumers who ask for it. You must be able to keep up with the demand for the retail market in order to properly compete in holiday sales.

It is important to have what you need and know what you can and can’t replenish. Be sure to research what is trending in your area. Be prepared by doing your homework on the previous year’s records during the holiday seasons. Know what you have, what you need and what you want. Separate it, divide and conquer. Be sure to preorder to ensure you’ll get what you want and need and for the best pricing.

Work with your clients on their purchases. You know what is available for the time, and your expertise will need to come into play. Odds are, your clients will have their own vision. What are you going to do to help execute that?



Must-Haves for Your Holiday Designs


Know your generation design options for the holidays. As discussed, traditional designs are on the board. When it comes to modern style, less is more. Simplistic is key, and unstructured design is often requested. Setting aside the generational taste when it comes to style, here are some must-have products for the shop this holiday season.

Among the trending holiday styles for shapes and designs are holiday trees, centerpieces and spruce tips. It is important to order ahead of schedule due to availability. Many even come prearranged. Contact your wholesaler for order requirements. These designs are among the most popular, so having them readily available in-store will help your holiday profit.

Other essentials include the proper adornments. The holidays are one of the most popular times of the year to stock up on ribbons, ornaments and other adornments. Holiday themes and displays are your shop’s opportunity to get creative and festive in order to better market your designs.

Incorporate your holiday designs into a display. Show your consumers something they may have never thought of or inspire their next holiday party look. Christmas and holiday displays are an open door into a real-life brochure. Although a picture can say a lot, nothing beats the opportunity to see and smell the designs in person.

Among the essential accents such as ornaments and ribbon are berries, poinsettias and birch branches. First impressions matter, especially when it comes to holiday designs and displays. Your holiday designs can easily be incorporated into your holiday décor. This makes color coordination and properly accenting your designs equally as important when promoting and marketing for the holidays.



Holly Jolly Christmas Displays


Your design style when it comes to holiday arrangements may vary. Yes, the traditional look and style remain consistent for the holidays, but creative flair and designer's style come into play.

Particularly popular color choices to consider when purchasing accents for your holiday design styles are reds, greens, blues, purples, yellows and golds. These are among the trendiest alternative colors for holiday designs that remain in the realm of traditional styles. These colors along with your creative elements and accents can be strategically displayed for your best holiday look.

Tuck your ribbons into your designs, coordinate your colors and include holiday cheer as you deck the halls of your flower shop. It’s all in the details, after all. Natural elements and the proper festive accessories for décor are holiday must-haves.

In order to compete with trending holiday styles, you have to be able to market your designs. It is important to capture as much of your designs in photos as possible. Be sure to include proper lighting and shoot your high res photos from various angles. If you can, focus on lifestyle photos for social media usage. These simple techniques are best practices for both every day and holiday designs.

This not only expands your content. It gets your name and designs out into the world for consumers to enjoy. Reach where word of mouth may not be able to. Just like old Saint Nick, social media can make its way around the world in an instant.